About Trigger Point

Trigger Point Therapy is the world leader in self massage therapy and Myofascial release products.  The Trigger Point range of products is sold in 85 countries internationally.  Trigger Point Australia is the exclusive and official distributor of all Trigger Point products.  


Trigger Point products are used by many leading athletes and sports teams around the world. In Australia, professional athletes from sports such as AFL, NFL, A League, Rugby Union, Netball, Athletics, Cycling and Cricket, all use the Trigger Point products to help improve both their preparation for sport, their performance during sport and recovery from sport.  The Trigger Point range is a proven functional fitness product for all levels of physical activity.


The Trigger Point Australia range of products includes:

·         Grid 1.0 Foam Rollers

·         Grid 2.0 Foam Rollers

·         Grid X Foam Rollers

·         Mini Grid

·         Massage Kits

·         Nano Roller

·         Nano X Roller

·         Grid STK

·         Grid STK X

·         T-Roller

·         Cold Roller

·         Massage Balls

·         X Factor Massage Ball

·         Quadballer

·         Cool Point


Trigger Point products are designed and manufactured to ensure maximum performance, durability and versatility.

Trigger Point Therapy is an online merchant based in Australia.